Improve Donation Flow to Raise More Money

A simple, fast donation flow with one goal:
More funding for your organization.

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No Transaction Fee

Keep more of your money. We don't take a percentage of your donation. After Credit Card processing, it's all yours.

Built by fellow Nonprofit

The team at New Story, a global housing nonprofit, uses the technology to fund their mission... and now yours.


We're charging NOTHING
for nonprofits due to COVID-19

No processing fee. No monthly cost. No strings.

What about after COVID? We plan to continue a free plan, and provide a paid option for NEW features. All opt-in, no surprises.

Why? Because we have a generous group of donors who believe enough in the work we do. We are impact-first.

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Why does it matter?

Most donation tools do too much. Rather than attempting to master it all, we've limited our focus to increase our effectiveness.

  • Increase the number of donations
  • Increase the size of each donation
  • Convert more donations to recurring

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More Donations

Larger Donations

Grow Recurring Program

Everything you need in one place.

We've curated current trends, best practices, and helpful insights into a single location.

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Letter from the Team


We help you raise more money.

Traditional donation systems have gotten more 'powerful' but made the donor experience too complicated. Complexity reduces donations.

We've built our system from the ground up with one goal in mind: More funding for your organization.

We accomplish our goal by focusing on 3 things:

  • Increasing the number of donations
  • Increasing the size of each donation
  • Converting more one-time donations to recurring

Use whatever CRM you want.
We don't do that.

Use whatever Email Marketing tool you want.
We don't do that either.

Use whatever CMS you want.
Nope, that's not us.

We play nicely with other tools so you don't have to comprimise quality for conventience.

- Morgan
Chief Technology Officer at New Story

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